Margin Method!

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We all know how effective the Method feeder is but one area of the peg that is often overlooked for this approach are the margins! The margins of any lake can produce some amazing sport, particularly between May and October. Better still the lakes largest residents are likely to feed in the edge meaning that some explosive sport can be had on a super simple tactic. So let’s take a look at the basics.


Firstly we need to be bold with bait. Fish come into the margins to feed so we must feed them a substantial amount of grub! This is venue dependant and you will have a good idea what works best. But a combination of groundbait and corn can be a reliable combination. 

Use powerful groundbait such as Sonubaits Match Method Mix, this includes loads of different crushed pellets and is really rich in food as a result - perfect for those margin monsters! Two or three cans of F1 corn are essential as they can be fed within the groundbait to give the fish some larger bright bits to pick out. Feed can be introduced with a large feeding feeder or if rules allow, balled in by hand!

It’s a good idea to have a few hook bait options, corn, meat, Band ‘Um Wafters and pellets are all excellent. Try them all and see what gets you the quickest bite. 

The Tackle

Short rods rule for margins work. The Monster X Wandzee (7ft 2.1m) and the Monster X 9ft (2.7m) are perfect tools for margin fishing. The short length makes the underarm casts comfortable yet the rods have enough power to deal with large fish. A reel with a good drag is crucial as margin monsters often shoot out from the margin taking line with them! A smooth drag will prevent any unwanted breakages. Our reels feature amazing drags no matter what your budget is and the Inertia, Magnitude and Centris NT reels are all excellent. Load the reel with a substantial line, 8lb Sinking Feeder Mono is ideal. 

Moving onto the Method itself and a Large ICS Dura Method is really the only option. They carry just the right amount of bait for margin fishing. Loading this with the mould produces just the right amount of groundbait to get you the bite. Don’t be scared to mould the feeder firmly as the fish will be aggressive in the margins and a firm squeeze will often result in a faster bite. 

There is no place for light hooklengths here and the MCM Pre-Tied hooks are ideal. The size 12 to 0.19mm Reflo Power is perfect for these big fish! 

Where To Fish

It is important to target the right area of the swim when margin fishing. The fish will be happy to feed in this shallow water but if you can find some cover then even better. The next peg (providing it is empty) is the ideal place to target. The use of keep nets by other anglers will have created enough disturbance to make it a nice clean bottom to fish on and usually the depth is perfect, plus the fish are only too happy to feed next to the platforms as they are used to seeing leftover bait discarded there. 


Be Bold when it comes to feeding! If you are allowed then don’t be scared to ball three or four balls of groundbait into the margins before accurately casting over the top. However if balling in isn’t allowed (venue rules or feeder only competitions) then turning to a Wire Bait Up Feeder is the best option. These feeders carry a large payload of bait and almost mimics the balling in process. Whatever feeding approach you use, be aggressive with the feed and those big carp will be yours!