A super high-tech line manufactured from a extremely durable monofilament. Accupower is true to its name with every diameter being accurate to its stated size making it the ideal choice for rigs and hook lengths. Available from size 0.07 - 0.22 there is a diameter in this range to cover every discipline, wether it be commercail carp fishing or silver fish fishing.

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Code Description
P0270022Accu Power 0.07mm
P0270023Accu Power 0.08mm
P0270024Accu Power 0.09mm
P0270025Accu Power 0.10mm
P0270026Accu Power 0.11mm
P0270027Accu Power 0.12mm
P0270028Accu Power 0.14mm
P0270029Accu Power 0.16mm
P0270030Accu Power 0.18mm
P0270031Accu Power 0.20mm
P270032 Accu Power 0.22mm