Bullet Feeders

A brand-new updated design on one of the most popular style feeders used for distance casting, the new wire cage bullet feeders have been purpose built for casting long distances. Manufactured from a ultra-tough and durable wire these feeders are built to withstand the constant punishment of regular casting at range. Available in four different body sizes and 20 different weights ranging from 20g-70g there is a feeder in this range to cover every eventuality.

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Code Description
P0050059Bullet Feeder Micro 20g
P0050060Bullet Feeder Micro 30g
P0050061Bullet Feeder Micro 40g
P0050062Bullet Feeder Small 20g
P0050063 Bullet feeder Small 30g
P0050064Bullet Feeder Small 40g
P0050065Bullet Feeder Small 50g
P0050066Bullet Feeder Small 60g
P0050067Bullet Feeder Small 70g
P0050068Bullet Feeder Medium 20g
P0050069Bullet Feeder Medium 30g
P0050070 Bullet Feeder Medium 40g
P0050071Bullet Feeder Medium 50g
P0050072Bullet Feeder Medium 60g
P0050073Bullet Feeder Medium 70g
P0050074Bullet Feeder Large 30g
P0050075Bullet Feeder Large 40g
P0050076 Bullet Feeder Large 50g
P0050077 Bullet Feeder Large 60g
P050078 Bullet Feeder Large 70g