Des Shipp; the Chianti is without a doubt one of my all time favourite floats. Now we've made it even better with a much tougher foam body and the extra long eye. It's the first float out of my box when I'm targeting silvers and winter F1's.

All floats are constructed using a tough, aerospace grade, Rohacell foam body for maximum durability whilst the tips and stems have been hand-picked by the England International himself to optimise the intended use of each float.

Fitted with an elongated side eye which is glued twice into the foam body, to ensure maximum strength. The entire Des Shipp Commercial Pole Float range has been hand finished to Des Shipp’s exacting standards, resulting in an incredibly diverse and high performing float range.

Already a hugely popular pattern the Chianti is an all-round float suitable for a range of baits and situations, its slim profile and cane tip make it perfect for fishing through the water with strung out shotting patterns.


- Sizes - 4x10, 4x12, 4x14 and 4x16

- Tip Diameter - 1.0mm to 1.7mm

- Tip Material - Cane

- Body Material - Rohacell Foam

- Stem Material - Carbon

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P0090048 CHIANTI 4X10
P0090049CHIANTI 4X12
P0090050CHIANTI 4X14
P0090051CHIANTI 4X16

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