Distance Master 4.20m (13'10") 120g

The true beast of the bunch capable of casting well in excess of a 100m this rod is truly a specialist tool. It makes the perfect big open water Carp rod where getting those few extra yards in the depths of winter is vital for those extra bites. As well as being the ideal choice in rough conditions or when you really need to hit the distance on those big natural waters when fishing for Bream. The action of the rod truly needs to be seen to be believed although powerful it’s also progressive which allows you to land everything you may hook.

Key Features

  • Supplied with 3 Carbon tips (2,3,4oz)
  • Elongated Butt
  • Enlarged Grip Area
  • Screw down reel seat
  • Oversized Distance casting guides
  • Hook keeper ring
  • EVA /Cork combination Butt
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Code Description
P0070022Distance Master 4.20m (13'10") 120g
P00700233.5mm Quivertip 2oz Yellow
P00700243.5mm Quivertip 3oz Orange
P00700253.5mm Quivertip 4oz Red