A selection of spares - just in case you lose any of your Off Box components.

The Gromit is designed for accurate positioning of items screwed onto Off Box connectors.

The Inserts are for fitting Off Box to alternative leg systems.


Space Station XS OnBox

20mm Square

On Box and Standard Square Legs

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Code Description
OFFBOX/23Offbox - Gromit
OFFBOX/31Offbox - 25mm Round Inserts (RIVE)
OFFBOX/32Offbox - 20mm Square Inserts (TARDIS)
OFFBOX/33Offbox - Octagonal Inserts (OCTOPLUS)
OFFBOX/8219mm Square Inserts (ONBOX)
OFFBOX/34Offbox - New style Onbox Hand Wheels
OFFBOXB/63Space Station Insert
OFFBOX/35Offbox - Offbox Round 16mm Insert
OFFBOX/62Locking Nut