ProType X100

The X100 is the entry level pole in the brand new PROTYPE X range supplied at 13m this model is a perfect beginner’s pole or upgrade from a margin pole where the extra added length is needed. This model is super strong and durable while still maintaining a level of rigidity that you would expect from its price point.


As with all the PROTYPE X poles the X100 benefits from key features such as section alignment arrows, Easy Ship finish, Reinforced Butt sections, Pre bushed top kits, Roller Pulla side system & a dedicated holdall with tubes


Package:  1 x PROTYPE X 100 13m Pole (1 x Match Kit included within the pole)


                 2 x ROLLER PULLA Power Top 2 kits featuring 3.7mm internal bush

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P0240040ProType X100 13m pole