Revalution N-30

A range of high quality hooklengths specifically designed for feeder fishing. Each spool has 10 1m long rigs that can be simply unwound and attached to your mainline. The next rig can then be secured in place using the rotating pin on the spool, eliminating the need for any independent pins. High quality Natural N Series hooks have been used tied to tried and tested Reflo Power. The rigs can be stored in the Revalution Storage System, perfect for keeping all your rigs in order and away from the damp and direct sunlight.

N30 Hooks are great for all round Skimmer and Bream fishing with baits from maggots through to pieces of worm.

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Code Description
P0170005Revalution Hooklengths N-30 Size 12
P0170006Revalution Hooklengths N-30 Size 14
P0170007Revalution Hooklengths N-30 Size 16
P0170008Revalution Hooklengths N-30 Size 18