Monster X 10’ Carp Feeder

The Monster X 10ft Carp Feeder is a very versatile rod perfect for those short intimate casts on snake lakes or those slightly longer casts to islands of around 30-35m. As with all the Monster X range this rod has an extremely forgiving through action but it also incorporates plenty of power in the bottom half of the rod to aid with casting and fish playing action.
Supplied with 3 tips 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz 
Length - 10ft / 3.0m
Transport length - 153cm 
Weight - 194g
Sections - 2 + Quivertip 
Handle Length - 53cm 
Casting Weight - 40g 
Line rating - 4-8lb

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P0080018Monster X 10’ Carp Feeder