Monster X 7’ Wandzee

The Monster X 7’ Wandzee has developed for those small intimate venues where extremely short casts are needed. This rod features a unique one-piece section that can be stored (once the tip is removed) in one piece making it extremely fast to set up. The one-piece design also offers a seamless through action making this rod suitable to catching all species of any size. This rod is perfect for casting up to 25m making it the ideal choice for casting over the pole line or to the far bank of a snake lake. 
Supplied with 3 tips   0.75oz, 1oz, 1.5oz 
Length - 7ft / 2.1m
Transport length - 180cm 
Weight - 138g
Sections - 1 + Quivertip
Handle Length - 50cm 
Casting Weight - 30g 
Line rating - 4-8lb

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P0080016Monster X 7’ Wandzee